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Granny square too 'square'

I used to crochet a lot as a child (although I never did finish my 'snail' blanket, as I called it). I have recently started crocheting again so I can make a baby blanket out of granny squares for by best friend's first baby.
I have been making a couple of trial squares to get back into practice and it seems a little 'square'.

I seem to remember that each set of three dc's was almost shell shaped, small at one end and larger at the other, but in my trial squares they are all pretty uniform. I have tried changing hte number of chains between sets of dc's to no avail - is it perhaps the size of the hook or the weight of the yarn? Or did I imagine the shell shape?

Thanks for your help.


There are hundreds of variations of the granny square. Feed us some of the instructions or even better, provide us with both the instructions and a picture of the square you are currently not satisfied with so that we can better help. Maybe you could also search around various websites to see if there is a granny you like better. A search on " crochet motif" will also help.

The iconic granny - two sets of 3-dc groups in the corners, one set in each chain space along the side - should be quite square; sides flat, corner chains able to form corners.