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showl - ssk abbreviations

I'm knitting a showl and the instructions call for ssk for the corner decrease...However, the abbreviation chart says to slip, slip as to purl...then you knit the two ....I thought it was slip, slip as to knit and then knit the two together...Can't find anything where ssk is mentioned with both as to purl ...All rows are knitted for the showl....Any suggestions? Big thanks ahead...Chali


Here is the site for the "Bulky Mini Showl "...My friend used the Homespun...Red Heart...www.spinningbunny.com....Thanks again...Chali

You are correct that SSK calls for slipping as if to knit. It's either a typo, or the designer has a stitch mount opposite to standard Western stitch mounts, in which case in stead of slipping as if to knit to prevent a twisted base, the designer would slip as if to purl.

Thanks KT...I already knitted half way through with the regular ssk (knit wise) before I read the abbr chart...I hope I haven't messed it up...I'm fairly new to the knitting scene....crocheted for over 40 years...why did I wait so long? I love knitting ! ! ! Must be that " leaving our comfort zone " thing....No more..I'm felting bags and branching out onto new horizons...as Mother Hen says..."Creating is a God Thing"...He must love to knit too or it wouldn't be so great !!! Do you think I messed up ? Should I start over or just go for it? Thanx again, Chali