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I'm a beginner at knitting I have no idea how to do a slip knot assuming that's what you use to start .I have a book but it's not very usefull concidering I have no idea what I'm doing if anyone can post a picture of how to make a slip knot or an easier knot to use that would be very much appreciated


I suggest checking at www.knittinghelp.com If that site's demonstrations still leave you uncertain, I would check for videos on YouTube.

In words, what I do is take may yarn and cross the yarn back on itself so it forms a circle. Then taking the side of the yarn connected to my ball, I pull a loop of this strand through the circle. I pull on the tail side of the yarn -- the side that isn't connected to anything -- to tight the little circle I originally formed, and I pull on the loop to make it larger or I tug on the side of my yarn attached to my ball to make the loop smaller.