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baby bootie pattern help

I am crocheting a pair of cowboy booties and have a question about one of the rounds. At the end of the 4th round I have 43 sts. The 5th round states: working on heel of sole, center 13 sts. Working in front loops of rnd 3, with brown, join with sl st in first of 13 centered sts, sc in 11, sl st in next. Fasten off.
I am not sure about the centered sts part. How many sts should I have at the end of this round? Thank you for your help.


Is there pictures and instructions for iknitting a baby blanket? Pam G

I have crocheted booties where first you crochet an oval which forms the sole of the bootie. Is this what you have just done when you complete round 4? If so, then for my heel I would look to 13 stitches centered around one of the short ends of this oval. Just think about where the heel of a shoe is positioned.

You are joining into the first of the 13 stitches, work the next 11 and then slip stitch into the 13th stitch. If you count the slip stitches, you should still have 43 stitches when you complete this maneuver. If you do not count the slip stitches, then you will have 41 stitches.

TO Pam G:

When you ask a new question not related to a post, it is always a good idea to start your own topic.

As to baby blanket patterns, there are some patterns on this Craft Yarn Council website, as well as instructions on how to crochet. If you do an Internet search for crochet baby blankets you will get lots of websites with patterns. If you had a specific type of pattern in mind, why don't you post a new topic with some more information?