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I'm brand new and not sure which one to learn.

Hi there! I want to learn to either crochet or knit.
I want to make blankets, sweaters, scarfs.
I have never knitted before - Many, many years ago (when I was a child) I was able to crochet a line - LOL
I do not have alot of patience
So based on all that - which should I learn - Crocheting or Knitting?
Thanks for all your help!

This is a perennial discussion and the answer boils down to what each individual prefers and finds easier to do. There are crocheters who find it difficult to knit, knitters who find it difficult to crochet and others who do both but may have a preference for one or the other.

Since you recall learning how to crochet long ago, you may want to give it a go first. Crochet seems to go faster for larger items such as blankets and they have recently started developing, in my opinion, much nicer clothing patterns for crochet that they did not have a few years ago.

I do both but have focused more on knitting these past few years because I like the variety and hand of the fabric I create with knitting more than I do when I crochet. I also tend to prefer knit patterns.

Dear Cosette: Which one did you chose? I'm new on this site, and I'm interested in how it's going for you. Are you teaching yourself or do you have a teacher?
I'm currently helping someone who is new to knitting, so I'd really like to hear how you (and other newbies) are doing.