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Purling Question

I am knitting a scarf with the basket weave pattern. Its cast on 32, k4, p4 until end of row. I'm pretty much new with purling but know how to do it. When I get to the very last stitch on the row, it is a purl stitch (at least for about the first 8 rows). I am having trouble with that last purl stitch. It is really loose after I get it on the right needle. Maybe I'm not doing it right ---- how can I correct this? Thanks.


Edge stitches are freequently looser than stitches in the middle of your work. Part of this is because these stitches do not have a stitch on both sides to stablize them.

One way to take advantage of the different tension/look of an edge stitch for something like a scarf where the edges are visible would be to do a slip stitch edge. In doing this, one either slips the first or last stitch of every row. You can experiment with whether you like the appearance of slipping the edge stitch purlwise or knitwise; just be consistent in how you slip that edge stitch. And if you are working a pattern where you end with a different stitch on alternating rows such as ending with a purl stitch on one row and ending with a knit stitch on the next row, I also suggest regardless of what the pattern calls for working the first and last stitches of each row the same so that your edge stitches will appear the same on both sides.


I will try this. I don't know how to do the slip stitch but I can look on the internet and learn. I appreciate your help!

KT (if you read this), on your last comment about working the 1st and last stitch on each row the same. Do you mean if the pattern calls for the last 4 stitches on one row to be purl, then I should work every last stitch on the whole scarf in purl? And do the same for the first stitch? The pattern is:

Cast on 32

K4, P4, repeat until end of row
(do this for about 8 rows):
P4, KN, repeat until end of row

and then it goes back to the K4, P4

and I would just keep alternating until I get to the end of the scarf.

Let me know if this makes sense! Thank you!

What I was referring to is suppose you have a stitch pattern that ends p4 on one row and ends k4 on the other row. If I decide that slipping the last stitch purl wise with the yarn in front makes the neatest edge stitch, what I would do is on the row which should end p4, I would p3, then slip the last stitch as if to purl. On the row which ends k4, I would k3, then bring my yarn to the front of my work and the slip that last stitch as if to purl.

If I decide that slipping the last stitch knit wise with the yarn in back makes the neatest edge, on the row that ends k4, I would k3 and then slip the last stitch knit wise. On the row that ends purl 4, I would purl 3, take my yarn to the back and then slip that last stitch knit wise.

gotcha! Your explanation is very clear and I understand now - thank you so much for your help. I will try it this way - I went on knittinghelp.com and viewed the video that showed how to slip stitches. It looks pretty easy. Thanks so much, KT.