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Ripple Afghan

I am trying to make a ripple afghan and I want the points and valleys to be less sharp or pointy. I am trying to make them more curvy. Do I do this by increasing my stitches between the points and valleys or it there something else I should do?


In knitting this is a curved, ripple pattern call Feather-and-Fan or Old Shale. it's done by doing a series of decreases with a series of increases to create the ripple. In knitting, to create a pointed chevron one does increases and increases in one spot.

Using the knitting analogy, you should be able to create a crocheted ripple by doing something similar.

Suppose you use a multiple of 18 stitches. Do a row of sc as a set-up row, then do an sc decrease over the first two sc's, repeat twice (you have no decreased down from 6 sc to 3 sc) then in the next six sc, do an sc increase (you increase from 6 sc to 12 sc), then over the next two stitches, do an sc decrease, repeat twice (you decrease from 6 stitches down to 3 stithces). Using this particular multiple depending upon your sc gauge and the width you want for your afghan, I would try with around 126 or 144 stitches.

You might also do a google search for crochet ripple


I have a pattern that has a sc between each change of color row also .
It is called " Fisherman's Waves Afghan > I will try to find the site if it still is showing .
I made it several years ago and some sites go away after a while !
Since we don't have the ( CONTACT PRIVATELY ) option anymore I will have to do my sending
through this board.


I can't find a FREE pattern site > But by adding a sc in-between each wave would give the same effect .
I have made both patterns > I like the sc in-between each wave group the best !

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Mother Hen 1-Do you have a pattern for this cute afghan. I have a friend's husband who is a commercial fisherman in alaska and I'd like to make this for him. I couldn't get the pattern with the link you posted on here and am a little befuddled on where to get one that is close to this and also to figure out how to make the fishes work into the pattern. thanks a bunch. jessica jgipson1971@hotmail.com