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Losing width/uneven edges but not dropping stitches. What is happening?

I've searched for this in the forums and nothing comes up. I've read all of crochet 911, and information on other sites. I'm not finding anything but people saying that the ONLY reason is dropping stitches.

I'm losing width, I have no idea why. I'm not dropping stitches. I don't count but I do look at the stitches when I rip out all the uneven rows (sadly, that's a lot of uneven rows). All of the stitches have the extra stretched holes indicating that I put a stitch through them.

But I still have uneven edges. This seems to happen as the work gets heavier (blanket) and for a while the edges are completely even. I've tried putting the thing in my lap, I don't think it's because of an uneven tension (not my first project - and I fixed that problem when I found it). I guess my tension could be changing since this is a different project. I am using a wide variety of stitches. Dc, sc, cdt, dt, esc, hdc, and qt. Could this be the issue? Anything else that you all can think of?

I honestly have no idea what it is that's going wrong. All I know is that I'm about ready to give up because nothing I've found answers this and tells me how to fix it. And I just can't figure it out since I've tried everything (it feels like I have - short of using different stitches which I really don't want to do, as what I've created is pretty if it would just have even edges). It's disheartening to keep ripping rows out. Please help. Thank you.


I have had this problem, and although you did not find skipped stitches, that may still be the problem. Place a marker ( I use bobby pins because they are easy to apply and remove one-handed) five stitches from each end of the row. Now you do not have to count the whole width, just the ends. Be careful to make your first stitch in the specified position to start the row and to work into the chain that ended the earlier row. Those are the most likely spots to gain or lose in flat crochet.

Good luck to you.

I will try that (I need to go buy bobbi pins, who knew?). I hope that helps because I was just about to swear off larger pieces.

Thank you for taking the time and your suggestions. :D

It sounds as though you are losing stitches at the edge. It is often easy to overlook the last stitch as it is generally worked into a turning chain which doesn't look at all like the top of the stitches into which you have been working across the row. It's also common to overshoot the first insertion point. Counting may seem tedious, but it can be the only way to assure that you are indeed working the same number of stitches over each row.

I've been crocheting for well over half a century and have done everything from bulky items to extremely delicate lacework with super-thin threads. Until I am absolutely sure of my hook insertion spots in turning chains or joins, I work the first few rows or rounds in private and silence and count every stitch. And even when things look good, every so often I count a row just for safety's sake.