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New Forum

Well -- I finally made it to this new forum board. Looks like a nice site. Just need to get used to it.


I feel lost and afraid > Hope I don't make any goofs !!
I had to add a > 1 < to my name before I was allow to join !

Mother Hen <><

I've changed my password twice and still cannot access it the next day. Like the new format (I think) but oh, it is difficult to get into. Is it me?? Hope not!!!

Happy Knitting!!! Marian

It took me several tries to get on. I think that some pieces are not fully operational yet.

I've noticed that using FireFox, I have to "Preview" my post before I can submit it.

I don't think this NEW FORUM will last long !
I could not edit my post >
I sure hope that we can continue to see the added posts.

I have loved the years that I spent on the other set - up .

But I guess CHANGE does mean what it means C H A N G E !!!

Bah, humbug.
Still can't find old posts. Had to change my venerable password. Grrr. I hope we don't get bombarded with e-mails about "interesting" items.

Alex --

As best I can tell, the old posts going back from late September are accessible on the old Forum site. I generally just use my History to get to this site and my history keeps taking me to the old Craft Yarn Council Forum site. To get here, I have to enter in craftyarncouncil.com and then click on the Forum link.

Like I said, I don't think everything is operational yet -- at least I hope so because it does odd things like give you links that don't go anywhere. The title of your post was a link and I thought I could use it to Reply to your post but it didn't open on to anything.

So far, that's the best comment I have for these new forum boards.

I was happy with the old format, old password, etc. I guess I will get used to this, and if it simplifies the finding of new posts, I suppose that is an improvement. How long, I wonder, will it be before I feel at home.

I work in IT so I am accustomed to software changes, updates, revisions, etc. That might also mean I think about some factors others are ignorant of. With that in mind, I have a few complaints about the new CYCA forum page.

1. When I entered the usual URL to get to the forum, the web browser took me to what is now the archives. Since most users would expect to go to the forum login, CYCA could have created a "redirect" to take users automatically to the login for the new forum, with a note about how to get to the old one. Instead, we the users had to take extra steps to get where we wanted to go.

2. Users must create new accounts. Since the old system contained accounts and passwords, why not simply transfer this data to the new system and save the users the inconvenience? If the idea was to weed out inactive accounts, a mass e-mail ("Your forum account has been inactive for 90 days or more. To retain your account, please login to the forums or respond to this e-mail within the next 30 days, else we will remove your account.") would easily handle that.

3. It bothers me that there is no way to logout. Security being what it is (or isn't!) these days, I always want (and take) the opportunity to logout or disconnect before leaving a site.

4. I also noticed that for threads brought forward from the old forum, the posts don't seem to be in any particular order. Replies are not located in a logical place relative to the posts they were responding to. Nor is there a hierarchical view, like the old forum displayed. This makes it quite confusing to figure out how the posts relate to each other. Posts are not even in chronological order, so I can't go from top to bottom either.

The current disorganization is very difficult for me to work with, and I am discouraged from continuing here at all. I'll give CYCA a while to work things out, but so far I am not favorably impressed by the new forum.
- craftsman

Click the log out in the left sidebar.

Another Thing ! " Just As I See It "
We can't have private mail sent to us > OR CAN WE ???

I have posted some pictures for others >
that needed to show us what they made or needed help with !

I am now > Mother Hen 1

mother hen 1, was your last comment about my missing stocking post? if it was i will gladly take my e-mail out.

Well, whether I've changed my name and/or password, I still cannot freely get into my favorite forum. It is frustrating to say the least. It seems that each time I try to log in the mainframe does NOT recognize any of the passwords I've tried to input. I do wish we could go back to the old format (but then I'm old, and maybe that's why). It seemed easier to get into and when one doesn't need to respond, at least one can get information and help.

Thanks, Mary Colucci for trying so hard to upgrade. I do hope we don't lose some valuable participants due to this change. I'd love to hear from you!!!

Happy Knitting!!! Marian

KT, I realize that I said "old" when I meant "new" as in "new" posts to old topics. The ones which were tacked onto really old posts before the new system went into effect are still not easily found. Now, of couse, anything added will be immediately bumped up to the top.

I'm not ready to swim to shore and I hope that craftsman, with his considerable talent for guidance and patience will not jump ship either. Over the past decade that I have been visiting and contributing to these forums I don't know anyone who has spent as much time translating knit/crochet-speak into step-by-step directions as the two of you. Thousands of questions have passed through these forums and you two have been so often the difference between total confusion and clarity.

In response to the suggestion of several posters, we've made a couple changes so that links to the old forum will now automatically take you to the new forum. You can still reach the old forum directly at: http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/forum-archive/ or just use the link on the new main forum page: http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/forum. We also added a log out button.
On behalf of the Council, we apologize for all of the confusion, and appreciate your understanding as we switch to the new web platform. We moved postings from April forward to the new site but due to budgetary constraints we had to archive the remaining postings. For those of you who bookmarked the forum and automatically went to the achives and could not post, we hope the fix, which you suggested, will help.
We echo KT's comments to craftsman and to all contributors who have helped to make this bulletin board such a helpful, sharing place. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Mary Colucci

Hello Mary,

Thank you for monitoring the new board for comments/suggestions.

Is there a way to come back to a particular forum board after viewing a post or responding to a post without having to click on the Forum link towards the top. This gets you back to the menu with the three forums and I then click back into a particular forum.

Also, is there a way to post without having to go through Preview. I acknowledge I am a terrible proof reader of my own work but having to preview before I submit unfortunately does not really add to the accuracy of my typing.

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment about mine and Craftsman's post. I look forward to seeing all the posts by the people I think of as "the regulars" which includes Craftsman, you, Mother Hen, Marian, and many others. I'm always learning -- if not about a particular technique, a different way to look at a question or solution, or about how people think.

If I use my history in my browser (Firefox), which goes to www.craftyarncouncil.com/forum it is now pointing to this new site and i recognizes my log-in. If I use the craftyarncouncil.com (no www's) and click on the Forum Link it asked me to log in. When I tried to log in with my saved information, it didn't recognize me.

For those who tried logging in and then having problems returning, maybe it does matter how you get here. LOL

#1 Mother Hen 1 wrote 4 days 14 hours ago
Comment about Stocking ! ??
?????? >>>>>Re-posting from the Stocking post by OLIVE !!!

Olive >> I did not ( to my remembering )
make a comment to your Stocking question !
I do not KNIT stockings , so I would have no in-put on that subject !

I trust that you will continue to post on this forum > it is changing and >
" I Am Ever Learning " " Just As I See It "

The main forum page told me today that there were 2 new messages in "Knitting." When I opened that forum, there were 7 new messages. I never saw yesterday's messages because from the main page it looked like there were none. I wish the cover page reflected all new messages and not just what belongs to the top question.

I also think we lost a lot of readers/writers in the conversion. I wish they were still around.

Beth -- I noticed the same thing but when you look at the date/time of the "new" message I think you will see that they were posted back in October. They were "new" when this new board started and I guess haven't cleared off -- or because you did not click into the topics they are still "new" for you.

Let's hope that everyone eventually finds their way here. The change was a surprise without any notice on the old site and took a bit to figure out how to use this new site.

I am not sure how to submitting my teaching hours? Can anyone give me advice?

in trying to send an email to the craft council with my question a message came up and said an illegal choice has been detected...contact site administrator. what's happening?