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scarf problem

I am knitting a scarf in a rib pattern of k4, p4 and it is forming a nice rib, but it is curling at the edges. Will it stop when I finish and block it or should I tear it out and do a another stich at the edges like a seed stich?


You are forming little 4-stitch sections of stockinette with each rib. The ones on the end will curl and won't block out. The good news is that this is one of those situations that actually can be corrected with an edge stitch. Seed is a good choice.

I don't know how far you have gotten into your scarf, but did you just begin straight away with rib? If you are going to match a pattern on the cast-on and bind-off edges to the sides, you may want to consider working the beginning and the end with fewer stitches and increasing when you get to your rib. The reason is that the rib will pull in considerably and the seed ends will spread.

I've written to the webmaster about the previous post (from Matt John) - see below. If you agree, perhaps additional complaints will encourage CYCA to take action. - craftsman

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The following post (see below) appeared in the Knitting forum.

(The post caught my eye because there are not many of us males on the forums.)

It is about "scarf" but contains no information relating the original question concerning knitting a scarf. The post is copied word-for-word from Wikipedia...

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It is amazing to what length "people" will go to post SPAM and advertisements.

Thanks, craftsman; I would have had trouble spotting this as the link's color difference didn't register well on my screen. I wonder what other Wikipedia entries have been pirated to target other special-interest sites.