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cant get pattern to work

Hi all,I've tried so many times with the start of this pattern, however it doesnt work.work 4 chn and join with sl st in 1st ch to form ring.Rnd 1: 3ch, 11tr in ring, sl st into 3rd ch of st-ch.Rnd 2: 3ch, 1tr in same st as sl st, *(1tr in next st, 2tr in next st) repeat from *to end of round, 1tr in las st, sl st into 3rd ch of st-ch (24 tr)Help would be most appreciated.Ta, Mia


I think there's a typo in the pattern and what you are supposed to be doing is 2 tr in each previous tr.  On Round 1, you ended up with 11 tr plus the ch-3 that serves as the equivalent of a tr.  To end Round 2 with 24 tr, you basically need to do 2 tr in each previous tr plus 1 tr in the ch-3, and then I would count the ch-3 used to start Round 2 as the equivalent of a treble stitch.Is this a pattern on the web or is it a published pattern.  If it is published, and this count doesn't work for you, I would get in touch with the publisher.