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Crocheting Afghan Using Bulky Yarm

I have been crocheting for many years but I would consider myself just a beginner as I have trouble trying to understand patterns unless they are shown to me.  Youtube has helped a lot but I find this site very helpful as well as you show how to do stitches with photos.  I would like to learn more stitches so that I could make more afghans and/or other work.I am in the middle of making a crochet afghan using bulky yarn.  I haven't seen anything on the internet about  this so I think it is quite unusual.  It is difficult to work with once the afghan begins to grow but I enjoy doing it.  I have used to different stitches throughout the afghan but I don't really know what they are called.  I'm wondering if anyone else has ever attempted to crochet an afghan with bulky yarn and if so, what stitches were used.  I find this site to be a wonderful source of information! 

You should be able to do any crochet stitch pattern with bulky yarn.  The look will be different than with finer yarns, and for an afghan you will need fewer stitches, but the thickness of the yarn does not limit or expand the kind of stitch patterns you can do. If you find an afghan pattern that you like, even if it is made with worsted weight yarn, see how you like the pattern with your bulky yarn.  Lion Brand has many patterns worked with bulky or with multiple strands of yarn.There is a fiber arts site called Ravelry.com and it shows at least 239 crocheted afghan patterns using bulky weight yarn.  I believe you will need to join to see the patterns but membership is free.