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Gingham blanket help again

I got the first round done it did start out like a granny square. Thanks Mother Hen. but now im not understanding the next rnd. 2nd rnd. Ch 5 (counts as dc and ch 2). *Miss next 2 dc. 1 dc in next dc. (2 dc. Ch3. 2dc) in next ch-3 sp. ** 1 dc in next dc. Ch 2. Rep from * twice more, then from * to ** once. I got all the way to (2 dc. Ch 3. 2 dc) what does it mean after that with in next ch-3 sp. ?

thanks again for the help.

This is the same as the way you worked your first stitches into the hole and around the initial chain circle. You have made a chain-3 on your last round. Under that ch-3 is a hole. Insert your hook into the hole and work 2 dcs around the chain, chain 3 and then insert your hook back into the hole and work another 2 dcs around the chain.

This is a directions which comes up frequently. The chain length can vary. You might see "in ch-1 space" or "in ch-10 space" or any number of chains stitches which constitute the length of the chain. But working "in" the circle or the space always involves inserting your hook into the hole and working around the chain.