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Changing from crochet stitches to knitted stitches within a pattern.

I have a pattern that calls for one part to be crocheted and then without cutting the yarn.... pick up stitches on knitting needles and knit part of the pattern THEN go back to crochet.... How do I do this???


What pattern are you using? Are there any notes or instructions in your pattern? I would guess that going from crochet to knit would involve picking up stitches along a finished crocheted edge. You can watch a video on how to pick-up stitches along an edge at www.knittinghelp.com Although it is a knitted edge, the concept is the same.

After you complete your knitted portion, are you directed to bind off stitches or begin crocheting with live stitches? If you bind off your knitted stitches first, you could resume crocheting by treating your bind off edge like the tops of crochet stitches. If you keep the knit stitches live, I would guess that you do something where you gradually incorporate them into your crochet stitches -- either that or do something similar to the second-half of an afghan stitch row.

Thank you.... very helpful....