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Sedona Cloth - from E-Pattern

I am attempting to do this cloth ! " Sedona Cloth " ♥
I searched for this pattern for a while > and my desire was answered !!
BUT >>>>
Every 2 stitches have to be worked from a stitch saver from the front or back !

It is a beautiful cloth > but since i am a crocheter for the most part of my sewing ,
this pattern is a real challenge to me !
Any Tips would be helpful !

Thank You !
" Creating Is A God Thing "

Mother Hen 1


Hi Motherhen --

Is it this pattern? http://www.e-patternscentral.com/detail.html?prod_id=6706&cat_id=3

It looks like a variation of honeycomb with the center stitches being worked in purl instead of it all being knit. If what I describe below doesn't make sense, could you post a line or two of the pattern that is giving you trouble? Don't want you to post the entire thing but just the line or maybe 2 lines giving problems.

After I finished my rows of basic 2x2 rib, to make the cross overs, you basically change the positions of 2 stitches. For every pair of knit/purl stitches you have them switch positions. You can either treat them as 2 stitch cables, or do as a twist.

Where the knit stitch is on the right and the purl stitch is on the left, ,you could place the knit stitch on a cable stitch holder, or just slip it off the needle and hold it with your finger to the front of your work, purl the purl stitch stitch and then place the knit stitch back on needle and knit it. Or how I would do this working the two stitches as a twist is leaving my knit stitch in place, bringing my yarn forward and purl the purl stitch through the back loop. Then I would take the yarn back, knit the knit stitch and slip both off the needle.

Where the knit stitch is on the left and the purl stitch is on the right,you could place the purl stitch on a holder, or slip it off the needle and hold it with your finger to the back of your work. Knit the knit stitch and then place purl stitch back on needle and purl it. Or how I would probably do it is keeping the purl stitch on the needle, knit the knit stitch, take my yarn back and then purl the purl stitch, slip both stitches off the needle.

Yes the site that you posted is the piece that I saw some time ago and just loved the look .
I had a few people tell me what to try with the instructions > but I knew you would give me some true instructions > Now to give my understanding of the pattern a try !

I will give your instructions a try !
I do not Knit as much as I daily Crochet , so I will have to take my time with this piece !
Thank You my Friend !

Mother Hen <>< ♥

♥ Hey KT ♥,
I hope this post gets on the CYCA site.
I do want you to know I am Happy to have you give me some helpful tips,
to work this pattern !

I am gonna try my hand at this cute pattern again .
I know it is not hard , but I think I need another hand,
with the Hold back stitches so close together !

M♥ther Hen <><