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How Much Yarn

I am going to make a twin bed "blanket" same size as a comforter & have measured 60" x 85" as my desired size. I have NO idea how much yarn I'll need - it's a shell stitch - could you please help with a "guess-timate"?? It's from a pattern that gives stitch instructions but just says to make whatever size you want - doesn't help me a bit!! Thanks in advance!! Barbara


I am in a similar situation so here is what I am doing. This is my first blanket so what I did could be totally wrong.
I bought some yarn. I weighed the skein. I made my square, then I weighed that. That then tells me how many squares you can make per skein.
After that you should be able to determine the number of skeins you need.

I also found a site that gave approximate yardage based on yarn size, but the blanket they had was 60 X 60. (Sorry, I don't remember the site)

Hi Barbara, If you go to AC Moore or any store that sells yarns just buy about 6 skeins that doesn't have a dye lot. If you need more you can get it without worry of a mismatched color. If you don't use it all you can always return it. I use Caron yarn in the one pound size and I find 4 0r 5 to be enought for a nice size afghan. Caron yarn is also a no dye lot yarn.

Good Luck,