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Keeping project even

If I use stitch markers will it help my project be more even? I'm doing 4 placemats - 1st two were fine - 3rd one began to "grow wider". It's all hdc - 2 chains at end & turn - I would put marker in top of turning chain then hdc in that chain & turn. Thank you!


That sounds like a great idea. Figuring out where to begin a new row can sometimes be an issue and if you put your hook into the wrong spot, it will make your edges uneven.

I find that the yarn and the pattern effect my rows .
Sounds dumb > but for me > I have to make my own adjustments !
Mother Hen 1

I hope this post gets on the board > I have tried for months to comment !

I always use stitch markers on my projects. Uneven edges occur because we easily miss that first or last stitch OR we go past the stitch and pick up remnants of the stitch below. By using the stitch markers I know where my first and last stitch are and once I go through the stitch with the marker I know I am in the correct place. This has been a big help in keeping my edges straight.

I know this original post is several weeks old, but perhaps it will help someone else having the same issue.