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Change of Pattern

I hope that I can explain this correctly. Sometimes I like to make an afghan smaller in width or length. Some pattern books will say chain 197, etc. but also some patterns will say in multiples of 10 plus 2. How can I convert the chain 197 into a multiple stitches? Thanks for any and all help


It is always easier if the pattern gives you a stitch pattern multiple such as the 10 plus 2. If you have something like that, then you can just multiply the first number times the number of pattern repeats you want -- say you want 15, in which case you need 150 plus 2 plus your turning chains.

If the pattern does not give you the stitch pattern multiple, you can sometimes figure it out by counting out how many chains are used in a repeated section of the directions -- those sections that will be set-off by parentheses (), brackets [] or marked by an asterisk * followed by a "repeat X times."

When all else fails, ask for help in trying to figure out the stitch pattern repeat.