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Knitting Puppy question

I'm trying to knit a puppy for my little brother (Shown here: http://i574.photobucket.com/albums/ss183/PelletAR/11-20-09_2055.jpg) but I'm getting confused. Here is what it says:
BODY: (Make 2): Beg at nose, case on 12 sts, K 20 rows, end wrong side row.
Shape Leg: Case on 14 sts beg on next row - 26 sts. K 20 rows, end wrong side.
Ear (Make 2): Cast on 8 sts beg of next row - 21 sts. K 30 rows. Dec 1 st ea end of next 2 rows - 3 sts. Bind off.
FINISHING: Sew body tog leaving a 3" opening at lower body. Attach ears. Embroider eyes, nose and mouth as pictured. Stuff lightly, then sew lower body seam.
TAIL: With 3 strands of yarn, make a 4" twisted cord (Page 34). Attach to body.

I'm confused because first, it keeps saying wrong side but it's all knitted. And second. It doesn't say bind off on the Body, Legs or Ears. Do I transfer it to a Stitch Holder? But then what would I do with it? The picture (not that you can see it well) doesn't really show any seam lines. I am so confused. Can someone please explain this process to me? I am kind of new to knitting but I am a quick learner.


With respect to your first questions, many patterns that use garter stitch (knit all rows) will say right side/wrong side by help orient the knitter. What I suggest is that on your first or second right side row, mark that side with a safety pin or a length of yarn threaded through a couple of stitches. When it comes time to put your pieces together you will know which side of your work will be on the public or right side.

From your finishing instructions it seems that you would bind-off these individual pieces. Is this someone's pattern from a blog or website? It may be that the designer simply did not put in all the details. If this is a commercial pattern, especially one from a book, look elsewhere in the pattern for directions. If the pattern is part of a book or pamphlet of designs by the same designer, there may be information at the beginning or end where the designer gives general directions for all patterns.

Good luck with your project. This is a nice thing to make for your brother. And come back if you have any other questions.

Hmm...I searched the entire book but it's a learning to knit book so the rest of the pages are for that. I'm sorry that I'm being a pain but the thing I'm not getting is if I bind them off...or even if I don't, the number of stitches don't add up. Like if I were to bind off the Legs, and cast on 8 sts for the ear...where do they get the 21 sts from? The math doesn't add up to me. And I'm relatively good at math. I knitted a pair of hand warmers that didn't fit so I changed all the numbers and added some dec and inc at the right places and they turned out really good. So, if this was all you saw (because that's all there is) how would you proceed?

There may be errors in this pattern. Have you searched to see if there is an errata page for this book? I re-read the pattern you wrote out and started posting the following:

BODY: (Make 2): Beg at nose, case on 12 sts, K 20 rows, end wrong side row.
You have knit 12 stitches for 20 rows. The even numbered rows are the wrong side rows.

Shape Leg: Case on 14 sts beg on next row - 26 sts. K 20 rows, end wrong side.
You are now on Row 21. When you finish Row 20, add 20 stitches. You could try the cable cast-on or knit cast-on. You can find demos of these cast-ons at www.knittinghelp.com Now turn your work and you will begin Row 21 with these newly added 14 stitches. These 14 stitches, along with the 12 stitches you are already working add up to 26. Knit another 20 rows (total rows worked 40)

Ear (Make 2): Cast on 8 sts beg of next row - 21 sts. K 30 rows. Dec 1 st ea end of next 2 rows - 3 sts.
You are now on Row 41. Just as you cast -on 14 stitches to shape the leg, you will now be casting on 8 stitches for the ear
However, adding 8 stitches to 26 does not equal 21, nor does decreasing 3 stitches from 26 give you 21. IT seems like there is a section missing to knit the head. And looking at your photo, there seem to be some missing instructions for knitting the other set of legs. Unless you can find some missing instructions, you may want to look for another pattern.

You may want to check this site for free animal toy patterns. http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/animals.php

If you are on Ravelry, there are many knit and crochet toys in its data base.

Hey everyone. I figured out the puppy and it's adorable! My Grandmother (who can knit and crochet anything) and she explained everything perfectly. Where it says Body (make 2)...it means everything, not just that first paragraph. I think they should have put that make 2 in front of everything...or at least explained that. But hey, I got it!

I'm working on a couple of animals from Kath Dalmany's World of Knitted Toys at present. It's a wonderful collection with animals (and people) from all over the world represented. You might want to see if your local library has it.
Congratulations on your achievement. It's a great feeling when an item turns out well. You've begun a rewarding lifelong journey.