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Where to block???

I had all the rugs removed from my place and sleep on the Sleep Number bed filled with air.  I tried to seach for "blocking boards" but that must not be the name of them.  I want to block out a scarflet done with short rows, but need to block it!  Does anyone know where I can buy blocking boards?  Or have any other ideas?


Patternworks.com has blocking boards.  I think that knitpicks.com may also have blocking boards.  I also know knitters who have purchased large rubber-like puzzle piece squares that parents use to help child-proof hard floors,or you might look for foam board.I only pin out when I block something that needs stretching like lace.  Otherwise, I just wash, squeeze out as much water as possible (I use the spin cycle on my washing machine), and then pat into shape and leave to dry.

My husband took me to Lowes (hardware store) where we purchased a couple of 4' x 8' sheets of styrofoam in the home building section. I cut one into smaller pieces and drew 1" squares to give me blocking lines to work with. One I left large and drew squares about 6" apart to give me blocking lines. The sheets are not very expensive and the large one I lay across my bed. It doesn't harm my bed and can stand up against a wall behind some of my yarn stash when not in use.

I use an ironing board to block scarves and small items. I use a sewing board on my table and clear plastic to block larger items.