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SPAMMERS on Knitting and Crochet Boards

I have informed the Craft Yarn Council that spammers have made it through and responded to several existing threads on both the Crochet and Knitting Boards.


I have also contacted CYCA about the SPAM on these forums. It seems there has been an unusual number of such posts within the past week or so (end of November).
Although I am cautious about unknown links, I have checked a few (especially within posts that consist of text "lifted" directly from Wikipedia) and found the link lead directly to sites advertising products or services - and those are completely unrelated to yarn crafts. I don't understand why someone would post about, for example, Oracle Database certification exam preparation on forums about knitting or crochet... but there they are.
Perhaps if EVERYONE who reads or posts to these forums complained (see the "E-mail us" link at the bottom of this page), it would spur CYCA to take action more quickly. I would really like to have a "safe neighborhood" again. - craftsman