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crocheting afghans

I have been crocheting afghans for many decades. Recently my afghans have not been right. When finished the top is off at an angle from the bottom. The top and bottom are the same size but they go off at an angle from each other. I have tried different things to remedy this but still haven't. They all look like they are listing to the left. Anyone have any suggestions?


Do you have photos of what you are experiencing? When did this start happening? When this began, did you change anything about how you crochet, including the yarn you use?

Some of the people at my knitting group are learning crochet and have the same problem. It is usually caused by missing the last stitch in the row. You should always work in the top of the turn chain as the last stitch. That is the first stitch of the previous row. When you miss this, it makes the sides of the piece 'lean' sideways.