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Need help with crochet instructions for blanket

Part of a new baby blanket pattern reads: skip 3 stitches, FPtr crochet around next stitch, go back and hdc behind in skipped stitches, hdc in next 2 sts. I keep trying this but it does not look like the photo at all so I must be doing something wrong. I am skipping 3 hdcs, FPtr around next stitch, then going back to the far right stitch, I am working hdc in the 3 skipped stitches (from right to left). Can you help me with this?


Have you done the next row? Sometimes the work doesn't lay right (when you are doing special stitches like this) until you do a few more rows.

If the piece is very long, try doing a small sample and try working 2 -3 more rows after the one that you don't believe looks right.


Susan is right .>
Do a few rows and Stretch and work the Yarn as you go >
You will see the 3D looking effect with this Post stitch.
The back stitches do seem like they aren't working out the beginning rows >
BUT they will > and You will be happy with your Creation !
Blessed Baby to receive this fancy pattern !

" Creating Is A God Thing " I always say !
Mother Hen <>< ♥

Thanks to you both. I will try again. It IS such a pretty pattern. I'll let you know how it goes.