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Need some help w/pattern

I have been crocheting for only a little while, and I have learned quite a few stitches and how to work with different threads. I thought I was ready for a larger project, so I got a pattern for a cardigan, but there are things they are saying in the pattern that I do not quite understand.
Some of the terms are:
"The instructions between asterisks represent one pattern repeat"

"achieve the correct gauge of 1 pattern
repeat to 3 inches."


"Divide yoke into body and sleeve sections"

"..Rejoin yarn to 7th (6th, 7th, 6th) Ch..."

Any help I would appreciate. Thanks!! ^_^


I'm assuming you have questions about everything you printed out.

First of all, whenever you make something that needs to fit or be a certain measurement, gauge is crucial. Gauge is simply the number of stitches/rows or pattern repeats to a given measurement. In this case, one pattern repeat is 3 inches. Somewhere on your pattern, you should have instructions on how to work any particular stitch pattern for your design. If you have a shell-stitch design, there should be instructions on how to work those shell stitches. If it's a bigger stitch pattern like a pineapple shape, you will have instructions for those. The pattern gauge is that one pattern repeat will be 3 inches wide (and maybe tall too, if the pattern is worked over more than one row.)

To work a gauge swatch, use the yarn and hook you plan to use for your poroject and then chain enough stitches to do at least 2, preferably 3 repeats of your pattern. Then work a few repeats of the pattern so that when you finish this gauge swatch you can measure the center of the swatch. If the swatch is too big, that is your pattern repeat is more than 3 inches, you need to try again with a smaller hook. If the swatch is too small, that is your pattern repeat is smaller than 3 inches, you need to try again with a larger hook.

You keep changing hook sizes until you achieve the pattern gauge. The purpose of this is so that your finished sweater won't be too big or too small. But having achieved pattern gauge, you still need to decide whether you like the fabric you created. If the fabric seems too stiff or too loose, you won't be happy with your finished project. You will then need to decide whether to adjust the pattern to fit the gauge for the fabric you like, or look for another pattern for the yarn, or another yarn for the pattern. And if you are substituting yarns, which crocheters and knitters do all the time, at least until you have some more experience, stick with similar weight and fiber yarns. So a worsted weight cotton for another worsted weight cotton, or a DK weight wool for a DK weight wool.

A "yoke" is the top part of the sweater. It is typically used for sweater patterns where this part of the sweater is worked like a giant round color. Here is a link to the google page I got when I searched for yoked sweaters: http://www.google.com/search?q=yoked+sweater&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=i... This will show you what a yoked sweater looks like.

"Divide yoke into body and sleeve sections" -- Based on these instructions, I assume you are working top down on this sweater. You are now at the point where you need to divide up your sections for the back, fronts, and sleeve tops of your sweater.

"..Rejoin yarn to 7th (6th, 7th, 6th) Ch..." -- Based on these instructions, I assume you are working a pattern where you have 4 different sizes to choose from. The first number outside the parentheses would be for the smallest size. The three numbers inside the parentheses would be for each consecutive larger size. If you can copy the pattern, you may find it easier to keep track of the instructions for the size you are making by highlighting the numbers.

You apparently have made some chains and depending upon the size you are making, you will begin working in either the 7th or 6th chain. Depending upon the count for your stitch pattern, you cannot assume that the numbers for different sizes will progress evenly such as 1,2,3,4 or 5, 3,2,1. Sometimes they vary by one number, sometimes there are no number differences and sometimes some of the sizes will show 0 which means for that size you don't do anything.

Good luck with your sweater. Come back if you have any other questions.