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Help with pattern

Hello, I need help with this pattern, here it is.
Ch4, 1dc between dc, ch4, * 1 gr in ch1 sp, ch4, rep from * 34 times more, 1 gr in ch1 sp, turn.
What I don't understand is * 34 times more, do I do another group in ch1 space or not before I turn?
Hoping someone can make this clear for me


You work all the stitches in between the asterisks 34 more times which means you will end with a ch-4, then you do one more gr in ch1 space then turn.

This is the first time I've used a pattern, it wasn't clear to me, getting confirmation means the world to me as I've just started crocheting and I've become obsessed, it's all I want to do. Ha, Ha. I appreciate your time to answer me.

Thank You very much, I can now go on with confidence.
Cheers schmoo