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Adding new yarn

Posted by: kanl (IP Logged)
Date: May 18, 2009 08:24AM

Will someone please tell me the best way to add a new ball/skein of yarn into a project? Knit two strands together, knot, only do so at the edge? Thanks


Posted by: KT (IP Logged)
Date: May 18, 2009 08:42AM

It depends upon the project, the yarn, and the amount of yarn you have.

In addition to what you have listed, you can simply start knitting with the new yarn and plan to go back later to adjust tension and weave in the ends, you can do what is called the Russian Join [www.geocities.com] (you can also google for videos), and the weaver's knot [www.theropepeople.com] and for ribbon or tape yarn, sewing the ends of the old and new together.

I generally try to avoid knits but for some very fine yarns, or mohair which has a fine core surrounded by a lot of hair, and I'm in a hurry, I might knot my yarns together and even leave the ends loose if there is a true wrongside. If I have a two-sided project, I try to leave the ends loose and then duplicate stitch them into place later.

Posted by: kanl (IP Logged)
Date: May 18, 2009 09:16AM

Thank You!

Posted by: booklover (IP Logged)
Date: May 19, 2009 10:42AM

a friend says she does something like knitting four/five stitches with old yarn then takes the stitches and adds new yarn and the stitches are like woven in - I'm not sure what's she's talking about all I know it she doesn't have to worry about weaving in the yarn ends each time she changes yarn - does this sound like something anyone can help me with.
thanks so much.

Posted by: KT (IP Logged)
Date: May 19, 2009 12:13PM

Your best bet would be to ask your friend to demonstrate what she does.

Some people will take both old and new strands of yarn and then knit a few stitches with both then continue knitting with just the new strand.

There is also a technique to "weave in" as you knit. Is this what she does?

Posted by: booklover (IP Logged)
Date: May 20, 2009 06:07AM

thanks for your note. I guess I'll have to wait til I get to Chicago so she can show me her method.