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Hooded Vest Back Neckline

Being new to crochet I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly.
I’m making a hooded vest and on the back piece for the neck it states to:

"Now there are only 2 rows left until finish.
Crochet 1 row with only 7 dc groups each side, on the next row crochet only over the 6 outer most dc groups (i.e do not crochet over the mid 3-4-5-5-6 dc groups = neckline)."

Here's the actual pattern:

I understand what they want me to do, I’m just not sure how.
Do I use a slip stitch for the back of the neck to cross to the other shoulder?


I read the pattern. I see 2 ways to work the last 2 rows of the back.
1- Your idea of doing slip stitches across the neck (This would produce a thick section especially since it is over 2 rows.
2- Do the 2 rows of the first shoulder and end off. Then skip the neck sitiches and join the yarn for the other shoulder and do the two rows there. (knitting usually uses this technique)