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I started an afaghan years ago and apparently needded on more skein. I cannot finish it and am looking for Red Heart Premier 4 ply premium acrylic yarn Art. e.265
Color 127 Rose Heather

question is if I get the art.e.265 can it not match to others close???


If you can get a dye lot or date close to what you were using you may be okay. Red Heart did change manufacturing sites at one point and some lighter colors were slightly different between factories. Red Heather may be okay.
When I can't get the same dye lot, I will sometimes add a contrasting color for a row or two (makes it look planned) then switch to the different dye lot. Some patterns don't work well with this technique. You may want to contact Red Heart directly to find the history and availability of this color.

Have you visited www.Redheart.com
click on yarn click, then scroll to the name ,then click on color,
you should see a color thats a match if not.. take a picture of your project ,then visit a yarn store
place the photo the the yarn,, or bring your project to the store.. thats what i do..other then carry the label with me,,


try loops & threads michaels brand yarn,,, or look at craft value yarn. caron one pound
lion brand vannas choice...

hopefully i was able to help ya out...