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Missing Being able to CONTACT Privately > You Friends !

My Computer went down before Christmas
and I lost the Private e-mail Addresses I had for
Kt - Alex - and Craftsman . and a few other gals.
Not being able to ask you things privately on this NEW Board just
is a Bummer !
This Air Head "ANDY 93" and what other Numbers that that ????
is using has caused this awesome site that we have used for about 5 or more years.
I have learned soooo much from you guys and I do think of the HELP that I have received also.
I have a file with the TIPS and Patterns that you all have shared.
It makes me sad when I open this site and see how it has been abused and
used to cause many that need HELP to search elsewhere.
I think the Knowledge and experience that you have shared has been priceless.
The Monitors/Administrators of this site are losing many Crafters that want to create
hand made gifts and even heirlooms or patterns from past memories !

If there is a way that we can contact each other Privately let me know how >
since I can't find it on this NEW BOARD ????

I always say that " Creating Is A God Thing " but " Miss-use is destruction " Amen

Mother Hen <><

While I haven't used the direct contact method with KT, Alex, etc., I have contacted Mary Colucci by email on several occasions re this Andy ... thing and being able to get onto the forum with new questions. At last attempt, the 'puzzle' left me totally puzzled. My brain just doesn't work that way. I like it plain and simple, unadulterated and downright informative as we had in our old forum.

Guess we're going to have to leave this one to the Andys and follow to Revelry where we might be able to regain the old cameradie that existed for so many years.

Happy Knitting!!! Marian

I couldn't find anything to allow for private messaging.

I just tried to report a new post in Crochet that is advertising. I used a link at the end of the thread and before I could send the message, I had to enter in what I saw on a program called Catchme. I think I had to try 5 times. A couple of times I knew there was a chance for rejection because I couldn't decide which letter/number a particular figure represented. But I'm just about positive that at least for one of the rejections I entered everything correctly. Oh well. I just wish I could figure out how these andys' and others enter their posts. I can't imagine that they spend time checking the board just so they can post those ads.

Although this new board does allow the most recently posted to message to float to the top, it does not otherwise appear to have as many features as the previous board. Maybe if it just goes quiet here for a while something might happen.

Marian -- I hope that you periodically check to see if things get any better here. Ravelry is a different kind of community -- kind of the difference between a small town and a city. Good things about both but I find the smaller community atmosphere here restful.

I miss the old forums. I forgot my password and have had a rough time getting back on. Half the time I wasn't even sure I wanted to bother. I notice the forums are being used a lot less since either the changes or andy93. I have written whoever and expressed my dissappoinment and frustration, suggesting that real needleworkers may be forced to leave unless the site is cleaned up and monitored better.

I guess most of us have voiced our complaints several times. That seems to be a waste of time. I've missed some real posts because of the spam. It just defeats the function of having new posts bumped to the top.

Although I like some of its features, I'm not a big Ravelry forums fan. I see them more as info overload than large community. I've noticed that so many of the answers to technical questions are poorly thought out or are shot from the hip by people with no experience themselves. The solid, good advice seems to get lost in the mix. And when topics are added every few seconds it's difficult at best to take some time to research a topic or work a helpful swatch and then find the old topic. I also don't like the fact that crochet and knit questions are jumbled together.

A number of the other tech forum sites that I used to visit are basically moribund.

This used to be a very useful site. You'd think that, in the interest of PR, it should be restored. Why else does the CYCA exist anyway if not to promote the use of craft yarn?

I am not thrilled with the new format either. I have sent three e mails and one voice mail concerning the posts that are not crochet related at all and nothing has been done to remove them or block the sender.

I don't check the board now as often as I used to. It is sad.

LI Roe

I'm sure most of you don't know me, but I had found this forum useful and friendly. I liked the tone of the posters' comments. There was a lot of kindness and helpfulness going on here. As you all mentioned, the private message feature at the old forum was really great. This new format is foreign and has turned out to be a mess, too, with all the spam on here.

I have never found Crochet Soiree to be very friendly, and let's face it, Ravelry is just to gigantic to feel like home. I'm just sorry that the administrators here decided that this would better serve your needs, and also that they are not listening to your requests for fixing things here.

I miss reading your friendly comments and helpful hints to each other.