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"Country Warmer" afghan

Has anyone had experience crocheting the "Country Warmer" afghan design by Julene Watson from A Year of Afghans, Book 5 (leisure arts 2000)?


I don't know the particular pattern, but what part of the instructions is giving you trouble? With enough info we can probably walk you through it.

Thanks, Alex. The problem is with the instructions:
Stitch Guide describes Long Single Crochet (LSC)like this: Working AROUND last 3 dc made, insert hook in skipped sc, YO and pull up a loop even with last st made, YO and draw through both loops on hook.
Pattern says: skip next sc, dc in next 3 sc, work LSC....This would be on the wrong side of the piece.
I can't figure out how to work around the 3dc, go back to the skipped sc, make a LSC and then move ahead from the 3rd dc to the next stitch.