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Subject Written By Posted
   wavy bind off of a sweater mistake  whitney 12/03/1999 02:15AM
   RE: wavy bind off of a sweater mistake  Rita 12/04/1999 11:43AM
   changing colors-knitting  Charlene Stillion 12/02/1999 08:53PM
   RE: changing colors-knitting  Lisa 12/14/1999 03:57PM
   RE: changing colors-knitting  Kevynne 01/01/2000 12:16AM
   gauge?  Courtney 12/02/1999 06:09PM
   RE: gauge?  Rita 12/03/1999 02:17PM
   pattern reading  Genna 12/02/1999 01:00PM
   RE: pattern reading  Cheri 12/06/1999 03:00PM
   marc jacob poncho  margaret han 12/01/1999 06:01PM
   RE: marc jacob poncho  vdianne 12/01/1999 10:28PM
   RE: marc jacob poncho  Rita 12/03/1999 02:23PM
   RE: marc jacob poncho  IRIS 12/04/1999 02:16PM
   RE: marc jacob poncho  Rita 12/04/1999 08:42PM
   RE: marc jacob poncho  Rita 12/06/1999 01:36PM
   Triangle Knit Shawl  JW 11/29/1999 05:48PM
   RE: Triangle Knit Shawl  vdianne 12/01/1999 10:24PM
   sweater pattern  jeanne 11/29/1999 05:40PM
   RE: sweater pattern  vdianne 12/01/1999 10:30PM
   RE: sweater pattern  jeanne 12/02/1999 01:16AM
   RE: sweater pattern  jeanne 12/03/1999 04:31PM
   New to Knitting  Vikki 11/25/1999 09:03PM
   RE: New to Knitting  teresa 11/27/1999 02:22PM
   How to decrease evenly  Gwen 11/24/1999 10:31PM
   RE: How to decrease evenly  Jean Leinhauser 11/25/1999 04:07AM
   RE:decrease evenly  Gwen 11/25/1999 10:28PM
   You must add 1 to decrease evenly!!!!  Lisa 12/14/1999 04:14PM
   Increasing  Kris 11/23/1999 08:16PM
   RE: Increasing  Cindy M. 11/24/1999 01:52PM
   RE: Increasing  Brenda 01/28/2000 06:31PM
   RE: Increasing  Connie 02/04/2000 02:09AM
   Angora kniting pattern  Terri Mahadocon 11/23/1999 07:10PM
   RE: Angora kniting pattern  vdianne 12/01/1999 10:31PM
   afghan patterns wanted  jill e 11/23/1999 01:43AM
   RE: afghan patterns wanted  teresa 11/23/1999 05:41PM
   RE: afghan patterns wanted  Sue N. 12/02/1999 07:16PM
   afghan patterns wanted  jill e 11/23/1999 01:43AM
   Crocheting Backwards  Rita 11/22/1999 11:31AM
   RE: Crocheting Backwards  Jean Leinhauser 11/25/1999 04:12AM
   help with instructions  Anne 11/21/1999 11:37PM
   RE: help with instructions  Cindy M. 11/22/1999 01:50PM
   RE: help with instructions  Sarah 11/25/1999 07:49PM
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