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Subject Written By Posted
   Round Knit Dish Cloths  Lisa Davis 10/13/1999 12:40AM
   RE: Round Knit Dish Cloths  Cindy M. 10/13/1999 12:51PM
   Circular knitting with dp needles  sue 10/11/1999 06:08PM
   RE: Circular knitting with dp needles  Sandra 10/11/1999 10:08PM
   continental knitting  Mary C 10/09/1999 04:42PM
   RE: continental knitting  Willa 10/11/1999 04:23AM
   RE: continental knitting  Lisa Davis 10/11/1999 05:55PM
   RE: continental knitting  Valerie 10/15/1999 05:55PM
   RE: continental knitting  Lisa 10/22/1999 07:23PM
   stretching  linda gordon 10/09/1999 04:11PM
   RE: stretching  Mary C 10/09/1999 04:45PM
   11-12 inch circular needles needed  Marguerita Nanfara 10/05/1999 02:20PM
   RE: 11-12 inch circular needles needed  Willa 10/06/1999 05:40PM
   RE: 11-12 inch circular needles needed  Lori 10/07/1999 12:56AM
   RE: 11-12 inch circular needles needed  Valerie 10/21/1999 04:38AM
   purl  Grace 10/02/1999 01:26PM
   RE: purl  teresa 10/02/1999 01:58PM
   "Stitches East" Conference Info. needed  Marguerita Nanfara 09/28/1999 03:34PM
   RE: "Stitches East" Conference Info. nee  maggie 10/05/1999 01:30PM
   beginner  Sunny 09/27/1999 02:24AM
   RE: beginner  craftsman 11/05/1999 12:20PM
   Buttercups & Bluebells  DianaM 09/24/1999 03:42AM
   Help needed for baby ensamble sweater  Marguerita Nanfara 09/21/1999 02:32PM
   RE: Help needed for baby ensamble sweater  Lorie 08/17/2000 02:13AM
   RE: Help needed for baby ensamble sweater  Michelle Wilson 10/01/2000 12:00PM
   RE: Help needed for baby ensemble sweater  Nancy Norris 04/19/2001 03:26PM
   shawl pattern&tbl  Paige 09/20/1999 02:54AM
   RE: shawl pattern&tbl  teresa 09/21/1999 11:08AM
   bear brand yarns  Jennifer 09/09/1999 04:05AM
   RE: bear brand yarns  Sandra 09/17/1999 09:56PM
   left-handed knitting  Victoria 09/05/1999 09:37PM
   RE: left-handed knitting  Laura 09/06/1999 09:09PM
   RE: left-handed knitting  Rebecca 09/18/1999 10:17PM
   RE: left-handed knitting  Valerie 09/26/1999 06:44PM
   RE: left-handed knitting  Victoria 09/28/1999 08:31PM
   RE: left-handed knitting  Lisa Davis 10/09/1999 01:59PM
   RE: left-handed knitting  Alda 01/26/2000 08:32PM
   pattern for baby ensamble sweater featured in may  Marguerita Nanfara 09/02/1999 10:05PM
   RE: pattern for baby ensamble sweater featured in  Marie Halfen 09/09/1999 12:02PM
   Knitting Machine  Sue 09/02/1999 01:17AM
   RE: Knitting Machine  Laura 09/02/1999 12:44PM
   RE: Knitting Machine  Marcia 09/23/1999 01:48PM
   knitting abbreviation--help, please  Ladyslipper47 05/23/2006 10:06PM
   Re: Knitting Machine  Alex 06/16/2006 05:04PM
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