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Subject Written By Posted
   what/how do you pick up stitches?  Nat 10/23/1999 07:29PM
   RE: what/how do you pick up stitches?  Nana 10/24/1999 02:03AM
   Re:Crochet Dog Coat  Valerie Collins 10/21/1999 03:41PM
   Re:Crochet Dog Coat  Valerie Collins 10/21/1999 03:44PM
   Re:Crochet Dog Coat  pam decker 11/08/1999 08:02PM
   Cosmo Shawl  Valerie 10/20/1999 02:27PM
   RE: Cosmo Shawl  Barb 10/21/1999 08:14PM
   RE: Cosmo Shawl  Becki 11/17/1999 12:57PM
   Transferring work  Daria 10/19/1999 05:22AM
   RE: Transferring work  teresa h 10/19/1999 11:27AM
   RE: using circular needles  Jill 10/27/1999 01:13PM
   Can't Get Gauge Correct  Allie 10/15/1999 04:07PM
   knitted tote  Nana 10/14/1999 11:50PM
   RE: knitted tote  Willa 10/15/1999 01:58PM
   RE: knitted tote  Nana 10/17/1999 02:01PM
   RE: knitted tote  Valerie Collins 10/21/1999 05:56AM
   RE: knitted tote  Nana 10/21/1999 01:02PM
   knit and crochet needles  Sally 10/11/1999 11:36PM
   RE: knit and crochet needles with measurements  Sally 10/11/1999 11:39PM
   RE: knit and crochet needles  Cindy 10/14/1999 12:55PM
   pattern search  Suzan 10/10/1999 10:13PM
   RE: pattern search  Willa 10/11/1999 04:18AM
   RE: pattern search  bonnie 10/14/1999 05:33PM
   RE: pattern search  Suzan 10/17/1999 08:34PM
   RE: pattern search  Valerie Collins 10/21/1999 06:00AM
   RE: pattern search  Char Kiepert 10/21/1999 10:18AM
   RE: pattern search  Valerie Collins 10/21/1999 03:54PM
   cosmo shawl  jen 10/08/1999 12:02AM
   RE: cosmo shawl  Traci 10/09/1999 03:02AM
   New at this...  Sara 10/01/1999 10:59PM
   RE: New at this...  Willa 10/02/1999 02:16PM
   RE: New at this...  Nana 10/15/1999 11:24AM
   Desperate  Eleanor Simmons 09/30/1999 06:50PM
   Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Eleanor Simmons 09/30/1999 06:35PM
   RE: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rita 10/22/1999 10:05PM
   Help!!!!!!!!!!!!  Eleanor Simmons 09/30/1999 06:26PM
   RE: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!  Willa 10/01/1999 04:28AM
   RE: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!  diane 10/09/1999 11:22PM
   RE: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cindy 10/01/1999 12:55PM
   crochet video instructions  Laura 10/01/1999 04:48PM
   RE: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!  connie 10/12/1999 04:05PM
   RE: Help!!!!!!!!!!!!  bonnie 10/14/1999 05:43PM
   New color  Angela 09/29/1999 08:38PM
   RE: New color  teresa h 09/30/1999 07:56PM
   RE: VARIETY OF YARNS  Kris 10/04/1999 06:08PM
   RE: VARIETY OF YARNS  bonnie 10/14/1999 05:48PM
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