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Re: fair isle knitting and intartia knitting
Posted by: Alex (IP Logged)
Date: November 20, 2008 09:51AM

A hint: older patterns and some newer ones will advise you to always pick up the new color from beneath "to prevent holes" when knitting Fair Isle patterns. This is absolutely unnecessary and results in a mare's nest of twisted yarns.

If you are stranding over more than five or six stitches you will probably want to anchor the strand into the work (you'll find those instructions in general Fair Isle instructions), but otherwise the best way to work FI is to keep one color on top and one color on the bottom (work with one color in each hand if you can manage to combine Continental and English/American knitting or work with the colors side by side in the right hand, one always coming from the top and one always from the bottom) over the course of each row, twisting only at the edges of the work.

If you are working in the round you need make no twists at all. The yarn will spiral up in one neat line from top to bottom of the piece.

If you are working intarsia, on the other hand it is absolutely essential to twist the yarns around each other.

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