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Re: Knit or Crochet? I'm so confused:)hehe
Posted by: Alex (IP Logged)
Date: December 06, 2008 03:06PM

If you've never knit or crocheted, a scarf is a fairly large undertaking. Most people think of it as an ideal first project because it requires no shaping. But they often fail to realize how much time a scarf takes.

It's better to learn all of the techniques you need to begin and end a project on a smaller project such as a dishcloth. This also the time when you are getting your stitches even and becomming comfortable with handling the hook or needles. There are different styles of knitting and crocheting and you should try them all to find the one that easiest and most comfortable for you.

There are tutorials for both crafts all over the Internet and there are really good booklets (I like the Leisure Arts beginner books) available at craft stores. Many people hold crochet to be simpler to learn and faster, and perhaps it is, but both crafts take time to perfect and they compliment each other. A crocheted item will, on average, take more yarn than a knitted item of the same size and it will usually be denser.

For a small investment you can buy a skein of inexpensive yarn (choose light-colored worsted-weight with a flat texture - no novelty stuff at first!) and a pair of mid-sized needles (size 8 American or 5.0 metric is good) and a crochet hook size G or H (both easy to find and usually used for worsted-weight yarns). If you don't want to buy an instruction book, check one out of the library. Or, as I said, look around the net for instruction sites with good, clear illustrations. If you buy instruction books the whole package may cost around $20. Without the books it's more like $10. Buy the cheapest plastic hooks and needles. You may even like them better than more expensive items when you become proficient. I've even found hooks, needles, and often yarn in dollar stores.

Who knows? You may take to either or both right away. But don't count on it. There's a little juggling and confusion because you are learning something new. Give them a few tries. Going with the common prejudice I would recommend starting with crochet as there is only one implement to master.

If, after a bit of patient trial, you really hate both, think about purchasing a small loom. There's some fiber art out there for everyone.

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