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Re: How to add Vertical Color?
Posted by: Alex (IP Logged)
Date: December 20, 2008 04:42PM

Intarsia is just a way of working a spot pattern into a larger fabric. There is no increasing or decreasing involved unless the garment is increased or decreased in the area of intarsia.

To work a spot pattern into the larger background you can either wind the contrasting yarn onto bobbins or leave large strands lying loose (my intarsia-knitting friends' choice by and large is to leave loose tails). You follow a chart for changing the colors, being sure to twist the new color around the old color to prevent holes from forming at the intersection. Rounded sides of the pattern are usually created by offsetting the contrasting stitches by a stitch or two as you knit each row. The ends of both the "old" and "new" yarns are woven in later.

There is another way of changing color which you may wish to investigate. It is (generally) called Fair Isle knitting. You can work blocks of color, stranding the colors alternately across the back of the fabric. For this there is no twisting necessary, although if you are going to span more than five or so stitches you may want to catch the spanning yarn up behind a stitch worked in the middle of the span. This technique is also done following a chart.

Of course you can make up your own chart for either technique. There is special graph paper available free on-line at:


A google search on either of these techniques should bring up several sites with videos.

Now one thing interests me. When you say "triangles on the sides of scarves and such" are you talking about individual points or something that is just a color change on a background that has smooth sides. If it is the former, that's a whole different ballgame. It is an edging process. You may want to look into Nicky Epstein's books on the subject.

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