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Re: Mohair Questions
Posted by: KT (IP Logged)
Date: February 16, 2009 11:09AM

Although the central thread on mohair looks relatively thin, mohair is meant to be worked at a larger gauge to take advantage of the "fuzz." I wouldn't mix the mohair with any other yarn unless you would be alternating yarns for a textural effect. You want the loft and lightness of the mohair to show-off.

Looking at the description of your Moonlight Mohair on the Lion Brand site, it seems like a polar weight yarn to me (12 stitches/4 inches). You might have enough for a simple bolero-style shrug, or if it is very soft several scarves. (I generally find mohair too itchy for me to wear close to the skin but that's me.) You also probably have enough for a lovely, lightweight shawl or stole. I would go to the Lion Brand website and see what kind of pattern support they offer for this yarn.

As to making a hat with the chenille, rayon chenille (which most are) has a tendency to "worm" which is to have bits of the yarn "pull" out of the knitting. You can fight this tendency by working to a tighter gauge and using relatively inflexible stitch patterns such as the linen or half-linen stitch. If you crochet, there seems to be less tendency for worming in crochet. But if you want to knit a hat, you could consider knitting top down so you decide when the hat is big enough around -- and if you don't have enough of your chenille to make the hat as deep as you want, use the Lion Brand Suede for the trim.

If you want to make a hat brim-up, most adult heads are about 20-22 inches in circumference. You would want to knit a hat a an inch or so smaller for a close fit. However, given the "thickness" of superbulky yarn, you could try knitting it to size and look for the thickness of the yarn to take-up enough space to give you a comfortable fit.

As to the Lion Brand Suede, doing a very quick look at patterns on the Lion Brand site, 1 ball won't give you much of a project, except perhaps a hair ribbon or decorative collar. Again, consider using it as a trim to something else.

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