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Re: yarn - donate!
Posted by: craftsman (IP Logged)
Date: March 31, 2009 10:34PM

Yes, I'm trying to own less yarn too... but the bargains are not easy to pass up, are they?

How big is my stash? I have yarn in those l-a-r-g-e plastic storage tubs (approx 5 feet long... with wheels) that take up half my spare bedroom. For some of the yarn, I had a particular project in mind when I bought it, but most of the rest of it was just a good price or a color I liked or a new fiber I wanted to try out. But I have more ideas than time, so too often it just sits there in storage.

Every two or three years I realize I will never live long enough to use all that yarn, so I give some of it to someone else who will be able to use it. (I think of it this way: To reduce stash "fat", switch from "donut" to "donate".)

I usually donate to an organization that got its start from these CYCA forum pages: From the Heart Stitchers []. The original post, about 6-7 years ago, was from a "quiet, stay-at-home" woman who asked for yarn for chemo caps she was knitting... then the hospital asked her to TEACH the patients how to knit so they had something to do while waiting... then other knitters and crocheters joined with her at a local coffee shop. At this point there are several HUNDRED stitchers in her area who made more than 12,000 items in 2008! (In the past these have included caps and shawls for chemo patients, throat covers for tracheotomy patients, slippers for veterans, afghans for nursing homes, socks for poor children, vests for orphans... If they hear of a need, they work to meet it.)

And that woman has stepped up to her role as the founder and leader of this organization that gained its legal tax-exempt status within the last couple years (due to hard work on her part), runs its own "shop" / distribution center (at a rent-free location, thanks to a local real estate agent), offer lessons to the community (originally at the request of the local library), hosts technique workshops and fun gatherings for fellow stitchers (including trips to craft shows and "wool festivals"), and occasionally gets highlighted in the local news on evening TV because of its efforts in caring for the community. I feel confident my yarn donations to From the Heart Stitchers are being well used, and their record is proof of their productivity and generosity.

You could also look for local opportunities: Perhaps a church has a prayer shawl ministry that could use some help. There may be skillful knitters or crocheters in nursing homes who would love to continue their craft but can't afford the materials. Maybe some kids at a community center or after-school club might get interested in learning how to knit if someone offered the supplies... Just a few ideas.

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