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Re: 4 Pointed Needle Socks
Posted by: Luv2Knit (IP Logged)
Date: June 19, 2009 11:06AM

Thank you Sally J. Yes - I finished with the instep and have to cross over to the heel flap because I did the first edge along one side of the heel flap, and now I want to do the second on that same side. I read further in the instructions as follows:
"In order to avoid a hole on either side of foot where heel flap meets instep (between sections 2 and 3 or 3 and 4 above, make an "extra st" using the horizonal strand between where the two sections met. If doing so gives you more than the required number of section 2 or section 4 "Pick up" sts, (which would be 8), make the new st. and ...section 2 dec as follows: pull the last st picked up at section 2 over the new st. ..section 4 dec as follows: pick up first section 4 st and pull new st made over this first picked up st.

Help - I tried to follow section 4 dec. wich would be between the instep sts in Wiolderberry stich pattern and picking up the 8 sts from back loops os sl sts along second edge of heel flap and it doesn't look right...I will need to experiment...the instruction state that if I still have a hole when the sock is complete, ti can be owven shut from the inside during finishing!

I appreciate your thought provoking ideas regarding this situation...problems are an opportunity for success - I am beginning to question my belief in addressing problems!!!

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