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Re: 4 Pointed Needle Socks
Posted by: KT (IP Logged)
Date: June 19, 2009 05:27PM

Maybe it will help to think about the heel flap and gusset stitches this way.

Generally speaking, sock stitches are divided 1/2 for the instep/top of the sock and 1/2 for the heel/sole of the sock. When working with 3 holding needles and one working needles, the stitches are often divided as: Needle 1 -- 1/4 of stitches, Needle 2 -- 1/2 of stitches and needle 3 -- 1/4 of stitches. Needle 2 holds the instep stitches.

If you have 4 holding needles and working with a 5th needle, the stitches are divided evenly among the 4 holding needles.

When it comes time to work the heel flap, after a couple of rows, I find it easier to put all the stitches on one needle and work with a second.

As Sally J pointed out, after you turn the heel, work a right-side row and then pick-up stitches along the left-side of the heel flap. Then you work the instep stitches and come back up, picking up stitches on the right-hand side of the heel flap.

Many knitters have found that picking up a few extra stitches where the heel flap joins the instep stitches will minimize holes in that area. These extra stitches are picked up at the same time one is picking up stitches along the sides of the heel flap. If you pick-up extra stitches, you have the option of working a knit row and using this as an opportunity to decrease out any extra stitches, or just decrease them as part of working the gusset.

Usually the sole stitches are not worked in pattern but kept in stockinette. The gusset started by picking up all the stitches along the heel flap are also usually worked in stockinette so one doesn't need to worry about keeping up the stitch pattern. That's an intriguing idea to try and maintain stitch pattern through the gusset but you may want to just work the flap and gusset plain this time around and once you are comfortable with the concept of how all of this is constructed, try to work in pattern next time.

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