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Re: hi everyone, ltns
Posted by: moritaegan (IP Logged)
Date: November 18, 2008 12:21AM

Hi Mother Hen

Her name is Ichigo Kohana. Ichigo means Strawberry, and Kohana means "Little flowers" So we call her little strawberry flowers. Both are Japanese words.

I finished crocheting a dress for her, it's hanging in the closet right now. It's from the Frilly Frocks book by Annie Attics. Since it is so lacey, I plan on sewing a slip, and attaching it to dress.

Currently making a sleeping bag for her, that's what the pattern calls it, but it's more like a bunting outfit. The pattern went up to 3 months, but I am making it bigger, can't finish the lenght of it right now, will wait until I am back in Oregon.

Also making a vest for myself, Seaside Blouse from Oat Couture.

I am glad you are learning symbol crochet, it opens up so many more patterns, from so many countries. Lots of coutries uses symbol crochet. I have tons of Japanese crochet books, and constantly adding to my collection. Also have lots of Brazilian Crochet magazines, some German and French magazines. Oh and a couple of Russian crochet magazines.

Only thing you will have to worry about is hook size, as each country has their own method of determining hook size. If you can find a pattern which hook size is in mm, then you can find same size here, but not all patterns uses hook size in mm. Some of the Japanese patterns uses hook size 2/0, 3/0, 4/0 and so on. their 2/0 is not the same as 00 here, as some people think. I actually have a list of what each is when converted to mm, and let me tell you, some of the mm sizes we do not have here in the states.

So far, my son has been in Iraq 2 months, 10 months to go. Will be glad when he comes home, and I can return to my home on a permanent basis. It's hard on me having to travel down to SF for my doctor's appointments. By the time he gets home, Ichigo will be over a year old, and won't know who he is. We have pictures of him, and let her hear his voice when he calls, but it's not the same. At least he was able to spend her first two months with her.

I now have 4 grandchildren, and yes, they do grow up so fast. I am glad that I am in a position to crochet lovely things for them, and sew some clothing. At least they can have some nice handmade items. And I have two nieces which I crochet for. Keeps me busy. Just within the past two years have I started making things for myself. I still feel quilty making things for myself, or selfish, but hopefully with time, I will feel less quilty.

Well, off to crochet some more, then to finish packing. I leave tomorrow night, back to Oregon. Shouldn't really have unpacked, but I did. And thankfully I have some clothes here still, so I can travel lighter. But since my cat is my service animal, she has her own suitcase, with litter, box, food, and things she needs. 16 hours on train, she needs her box.

Take care

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