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Re: gripping the hook
Posted by: Alex (IP Logged)
Date: December 04, 2008 05:54AM


With which style did you learn? I've found that most of the people I know who use the pencil grip came to it after learning with the knife grip. And, curiously, the pencil people I know say they switched because they found it faster.

I'm also curious about the position of your hook (along your index finger or up like a wren's tail) and, more importantly, which finger you use to control the stitch as it's being formed. Obviously, I agree with the faction that finds more control (perhaps I should have said "stitch") with knife because the index finger of the hook hand is available to manipulate the new stitch.

I use (and teach) knife, but always show pencil as an alternative. Same with knitting; I teach actual "throwing" because it seems to best indicate the yarn direction when I have to demonstrate in front of a group, but I demonstrate the modified index-finger shuttle (my own choice) and Continental. Some people find one method or the other more natural right away; some have to practice their way into one method or another.

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