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Re: Trying to change the color...
Posted by: KT (IP Logged)
Date: December 09, 2008 02:35PM

This is what I would do.

When it comes time to add my second color, I would leave a longish tail (4-6 inches), insert my hook into the stitch where I make the color change and start using this new color just as if I was working with my old color. Don't cut your old color yarn -- you will be carrying it (stranding it) along the back of your work, or you can "catch" it as you work your stitches. To catch it insert your hook into the stitch you are going to work, make sure this strand of yarn is above the hook, pull your loop through, and then make sure this strand is between the loop on your hook and your working yarn when you pull your next loop through -- that strand of yarn will be caught up in the stitch you just created.

If you find that the yarn shows through, you should go back to stranding. To strand, just carry that yarn you are not using at the back of your work until you need it for the next color change. Leave that strand loose so that your stitches will have room to stretch.

There was also a recent thread on this forum about fair isle crocheting. Look for that thread because I think there were some links to websites with more information.

Don't try to over think the process. Sometimes you just need to practice with hook and yarns in hand to see how you can change colors and catch the loose strands.

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