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Re: re: gripping the hook
Posted by: craftsman (IP Logged)
Date: January 09, 2009 10:29PM

Mutual respect... alternatives... Yes, those are two things that keep me involved in these forums. When someone proposes a different technique, I try it to see if it "fits" better than my usual way of doing something. Even if it doesn't (at the time), I make a mental note in case it may work in a different situation, or I may be able to offer it as an option to someone else for whom it might "fit" well.

By the way, I had planned to pick up a hook and crochet a bit so I could figure out details of how I grip the hook, but I've been finishing a pair of bed socks (my first - not perfect, but serviceable under the blankets)...

[personal note] ...and lately have to deal with a dog bite infection involving my right thumb and index finger. *OUCH!* (Fortunately, the pit bull *did* let go quickly and my own dog was *not* attacked.) I will probably use knitting and crocheting as my own physical therapy "program" if the hand doctor has no objection, and should be healed (for the most part) within a couple weeks.

Meanwhile, thank you to all of you for sharing your knowledge and experience, and for your mutual respect. I feel honored to be accepted and included among you in this online community.

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