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Motif--Trouble with a round. I'm stuck!
Posted by: twinboymommy (IP Logged)
Date: March 29, 2009 12:51PM

So, I'm making a Terry Kimbough afghan "Loving Hearts." I'm working on the hearts that go around the outside of the afghan, and I'm figuring out the very first heart motif. I am almost done with the first heart, but I am stuck on how to do the round.

My motif is now in a heart shape, and the previous round is basically 50 single crochet. I was successful with that--no problem (of course). But this next round is frustrating! Here are the instructions:

"Working in sps between sts, hold yarn at back of work, insert hook from front to back between first 2 sts, YO and pull up a loop, (star) insert hook in next sp, YO and draw through loop on hook; repeat from (star) around; join with slip st to first st."

OK-- I feel stupid. 1. How do I work between sps when the last round was all single crochets? Isn't that the same as working in the stitch? 2. It says to work holding the yarn at the back of work. Well, aren't I usually holding it at the back? Should I be doing something different here? 3. I tried just inserting the hook from front to back pulling up a loop and YO, but I wound up with 3 loops on my hook. It says draw through loop--not loops! Ugh--so frustrated!

Any help out there would be so appreciated. I feel like a dork.

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  Motif--Trouble with a round. I'm stuck! twinboymommy 03/29/2009 12:51PM
  Re: Motif--Trouble with a round. I'm stuck! Mother Hen 03/29/2009 08:00PM
  Re: Motif--Trouble with a round. I'm stuck! Alex 03/30/2009 08:31PM

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