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Re: Crochet Child's Afghan Pattern Needed
Posted by: Liz (IP Logged)
Date: June 28, 2009 05:45PM

Hello DK,

Could not resist the urge to tell you about my all time favorite afghan pattern. Those who have heard it before, please bear with me, or flip the channel, ok? I've posted it on this forum and it has only two rows of instructions, and all single and double crochets.

The pattern is a crazy stitch, or brick stitch, but I like to refer to it as a Lacy brick stitch. It's quite beautiful and of all the patterns I've ever used in the 38+ years I've been crocheting, this is my all time favorite stitch. It is easily adapted to a baby afghan with baby yarn, to an adult size afghan with worsted weight or bulky yarns.

Since Sept. of last year, I've made 18 afghans from this stitch, with a variety of different yarn weights, colors, solids, varigated, stipes both horizontal and vertical and had a ball playing with these designs. I made these for family and friends and gave all but two of them away. I've now used this pattern a total of 52 times. Each time I give it away, the recipient is ecstatic. Mother Hen's little Emmie received #25.

If you are interested, I'll be glad to post it once again. I have just finished three for my three granddaughters, aged 9, 8, and 5 and they loved them. Two were made from pink, lavendar, and white and other was hot pink, lime green and white. So it is quite versatile. They fit across twin beds too. God bless.

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