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Re: hook change midway pattern
Posted by: craftsman (IP Logged)
Date: June 17, 2009 11:23PM

I'm sure you know changing hook sizes in the middle of a project is not advised... but since you asked, here is my opinion:

It depends a lot on how much the gauge (stitches/rows per inch) changes from one hook to the other. I'm guessing a 4.5mm hook (approx US size G) has a gauge of approx 4-5 sts per inch, and a 5.5mm hook (approx US size I) has a gauge of approx 3-4 sts per inch. If you go from 5 sts/inch to 3 sts/inch, that's a big difference; if you go from 4 sts/inch to 3 1/2 sts/inch, it's not such a big deal. If you have to sew pieces together, trying to match stitch for stitch (different sizes) is one place where this could be an issue.

If you change hook sizes, the resulting pieces will be a different size and not match the others exactly. If you are going to change hooks, at least make all paired pieces with the same hook. Where there is a visible distinction between pieces, you may be able to change hook sizes without much notice.

For example: Since you made the front yoke and one shoulder with the smaller hook, I would make the second shoulder (and a back yoke if there is one) with that hook. If the sleeves are visibly separate (for example, if the yoke and shoulders are solid and the sleeves are lacy), you might be able to use the other hook - certainly you should make both sleeves with the same hook, whether that's the smaller or larger one. And if the body is visibly separate, you may be able to change to the larger hook for that. (If the sleeves and body use the same pattern stitch, I would use the same hook for all three pieces so they will match).

You'll need to try it to see if the smaller yoke and shoulders look OK with the larger sleeves and/or body. If the yoke and shoulders will be too small for the growing child anyhow, just frog it all and start over with the larger hook for everything so it will fit.

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