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Re: Very novice question about a new skein of yarn
Posted by: Alex (IP Logged)
Date: July 21, 2009 11:09PM

Sometimes it is confusing to even find the inner end of commercial yarns because one end is sometimes pulled all the way through the middle of the skein and both the inner and outer ends end up on the outside under the yarn band. Yanking at them will quickly reveal which is the true inside end. When you do get a grip on the real inside end, reach inside with a couple of fingers and pull out a good lump of wool. This will make the process much easier. After you get that amount of wool worked the rest of the yarn will flow easily.

I never work from the outside. Just having one ball of light ecru thread jump out of your bag onto a dirty commuter train floor will convince you that you don't want unpredictable missiles flying all over the place.

I even turn all of my threads into center feeds by carefully removing the inner cardboards and pulling out enough thread to find the end. I've worked with several dozen this way and I only had one tangle (years ago) when I first started and wasn't careful enough with the cardboard removal. Another benefit of this is that the resulting balls take up no room at all and can be carried in my smallest purse.

If you find unballed hanks you can turn them into center feeds by dropping a length of the yarn into a cardboard paper towel tube or a rolled up magazine then wrapping in a very even manner, revolving the tube as you go, bringing the yarn from the top of the ball to the bottom and back up again. When you finish wrapping slide the ball off the tube and you will have an attractive ball that you can easily flatten out for even more stay-in-the-workbasket security.

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