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Re: reverse single crochet for left-handers
Posted by: craftsman (IP Logged)
Date: August 06, 2009 11:39AM

Are you asking about how to do a reverse single crochet, but working as a leftie?

Quite a while ago I wrote out details for rev sc, so let me revise those for crocheters working left-handed.

FOR LEFT-HANDERS: Regular sc is done left-to-right; if you are working around a border of an afghan, this would be clockwise. Reverse sc is just the opposite: right-to-left, or counter-clockwise around an edge. Here is how to do it:

Insert the hook into the first st to the LEFT and draw up a loop. (This may cross the loop already on the hook.) Then YO and draw through both loops. Continue by repeating: Insert the hook into the next st to the LEFT...

It is a little awkward at first. I found it easier if I work somewhat more loosely than normal, that is, draw the first loop up a little higher than normal, so I can more easily do the YO.

The result is a somewhat bumpy edge (not a series of flat chain-like sts as in regular sc). I think it gives a rugged look to the edge, especially good for crocheted mock-Aran or other masculine-design afghans.

Hope these instructions are clear enough for you to try it.

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