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An idea for knitters and crocheters
Posted by: Niki Hollingsworth (IP Logged)
Date: August 24, 1999 04:16PM

First let me say I am very glad I happened upon this site! Found out about it in a local newspaper. Very informative!

Now to my little tip. Some people may have already thought of this; if so, they know how much easier it makes things! :)

I assume that most knitters and crocheters are like me and love to collect patterns. For a long time I subscribed to several crocheting magazines. I went through a phase where I didn't do needlework much (late teens and college), and now I'm back into it full swing.

My problem? Organizing the whole mess!!! I had a STACK of magazines. I wanted to keep them, but I thought, "What if they tear or mess up or get unreadable? Then it came to me: Three ring binders and page protectors.

I took all the magazines apart, being sure to keep the pages clipped together in order. I'm buying top loading page protectors as I can, and and putting all my patterns from magazines (and ones I print from neat websites like the Craft and Yarn Councils!) into the binder. It's a monetary investment, definately, especially since you can't put more than one page into a protector. But to me, it is well worth the time, money and effort for a couple of reasons:

1) Protecting my patterns from damage, especially some that are very dear to me. My aunt gave them to me before she passed away, and they are from "Workbasket" magazines from the 1960s. I recently made my friend a knit pull-over sweater from one of those patterns and she loved it! And it proves my point, because those magazines were REALLY falling apart. This way, I get to keep a piece of my dear aunt with me. :)

2) I hope to pass my patterns on to someone, hopefully my niece. She's only two right now, but she's already into it, in her own childish way! She has seen me crocheting and knitting. One night, she grabbed one of my crocheting needles and stuck it in a ball of yarn. She industriously twisted the needle around and said, "Look! I crocheting!" LOL! Here's hoping she'll really let me teach her when she's old enough! :)

Anyway, thank you for letting me ramble on. I hope to post some more to this message board. :)

Niki Hollingsworth

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